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Satellites Records was founded in1987 by Ryo Kawasaki, the internationally renown jazz guitarist,
composer, music software author and inventor.

As a computer programmer, Kawasaki developed his own MIDI multi-tracking recording system, the"Kawasaki MIDI Workstation", in 1986. He was also fascinated by the new breed of club/dance music blossoming at that time, which fully utilized MIDI technologies in the production. This led him to produce a series of 12-inch dance singles featuring a mixture of Free Style, House, Acid House and Ambient in the late 80's. All of the production was done at his home studio, The Satellite Station, in New York with singer and musical collaborator Ilana Iguana. At the same time, he founded his own label, Satellites Records, to market these new creations to the public.

The 12-inch singles released during this time include "Electric World" (1986), "One Kiss" (1987), "No Expectations" (1987), "Say Baby I Love You" (1988), "Don't Tell Me" (1988), "Wildest Dreams" (1989), "Life is The Rhythm" (1989), "Acid Heat" (1990), and "Pleasure Garden" (1990).

He, Ilana, and their dancers performed extensively in New York dance clubs during this period,sponsored or supported mainly by Record Pools, Club Djs and Club promoters. Most of these 12-inch titles successfully charted in the top 5 of Dj's play lists, proving tremendously popular both in dance clubs and on the many radio mix shows all across the Unites States.

In 1991, Kawasaki's musical direction suddenly took a 180 degree turn when he was invited to become an artist and producer for the newly formed Japanese jazz label, One Voice. Ryo was personally approached by his long-time associate Kiyoshi Itoh, who had produced many of Ryo's albums in the past for Japanese East Wind and Sony.

However from 1983 to 1990, Ryo had become so enamored with computer programming and producing sequenced dance music tracks that he hardly even touched his guitar or played any jazz gigs like he used to do during 70's and early 80's. Occasionally, however, he did pick up his nylon acoustic guitar that sat in the corner of his living room collecting dust and would play some of the jazz standards he still remembered. He recorded these casual spontaneous performances directly to Dat for the sole purpose of entertaining his friends or himself later. When Kiyoshi heard these recordings, he was very excited and wanted to complete this acoustic solo guitar album and make it the first release of the new jazz label.

In the Spring of 1992, Ryo's solo jazz guitar album, "Here, There, and Everywhere", was released in Japan as the premiere album for One Voice. It received stunning critical acclaim and has been followed by an impressive roster of new artists, including Kimiko Itoh, Yoshio Suzuki and East Bounce, and Brazilian singer/guitarist Camila Benson. One Voice also released the final recording of two notable American jazz artists - pianist/composer Richard Tee and guitarist Eric Gale, (who was featured on Tee's "Real Time").

Since 1991, Kawasaki has recorded five of his own solo albums and produced three albums by Camila Benson for One Voice. Currently, he has just completed his sixth solo album for One Voice "Cosmic Rhythm.

In 1994, Satellites Records began marketing the catalog from One Voice to the US market, as well as licensing and releasing some quality independent projects from outside the One Voice original catalog. They have also reissued some of Ryo's landmark recordings completed while he was with Sony Music Entertainment in late 1970's and early 1980's. His stateside debut, "Love Within The Universe", which was originally the third solo album for the Japanese One Voice label, was his first experiment in merging his dance music production technology skills with his jazz-influenced electric and acoustic guitar leads. The idea was explored and developed even further on his more recent release, "Sweet Life" and "Cosmic Rhythm".

One Voice/Satellites Records has released 22 titles since 1994. Five more titles are scheduled to be released during 1999-2000.

Our Philosophy:

1) We aim to produce timeless quality within our music. A quality that allows the listener to relax, to be imaginative, to be romantic, to inspire them in the moment.
2) We do not produce our music to fit into the current music trends or radio formats. We produce work that is true to the artist's feelings at the moment of creation. If radio airplay results, it is an added bonus for work we are already proud of.
3) We believe in featuring artists who truly have their own voice, their own message to convey through well-crafted music and who have extensive experience as live performers as well.
4) We try to invent new formats or sounds for both contemporary jazz and other genres, such as Brazilian music; sounds that are truly original in the sense that they can't be replaced by any other product available in the current music market.
5) We focus on the feel of the music and quality of the sound. We believe these are the very essence of music which enable us to communicate with listeners. We do not focus on production skills that often camouflage underdeveloped artistry.
6) Above all, we hope to provide more choices of new and undiscovered types of music into the market, ever expanding our listeners' musical landscape.

Personnel of One Voice/Satellites Records:

Ryo Kawasaki: CEO, Satellites Records, Director, One Voice/Satellites Records USA

Hisao Ebine: Managing Director, One Voice/VideoArts Music, One Voice/Satellites Records/Japan

Kiyoshi Itoh: Production Director, One Voice/VideoArts Music/Japan

Paul Lockwood: Promotional Copy Editor

Affiliated Promotional, Marketing, Manufacturing and Distribution Companies :

Michael Moryc/Matrix Promotion : National NAC/Smooth Jazz/NAV/AAA radios
Randall Davis/Creative Service : National Publicist
Access Music: National Retail Promotion
Paul Schulman/Sound Marketing : International/Alternative distribution Coordinator
Digi-Rom: CD replications and Album Cover Art Work
City Hall Records: U.S. National Distribution
Paulstarr Distributing: Midwest Distribution
Rock Bottom Inc: South Distribution
Music Design: Alternative market Distribution
New Leaf: Alternative Market Distribution
New Sounds: Italian Distribution
Rock Records: Asia & South Pacific Distribution

Satellites Records is a member of AFIM.

Current Artist Roaster:

Ryo Kawasaki, Kimiko Itoh, Camila Benson, Yoshio Suzuki and East Bounce, Richard Tee,Victor Jones, Miki Kono, Carolling Carollers and Chip Shelton.

Licensing :

We also license products from the following companies : Sony Music Entertainment, Meldac, New Frontier Records, Miki Records, Desired Production and Crystal Clear Music.

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