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featuring: Ilana Iguana, Terre Roche, Suzzy Roche, Margareth Dorn, Libby McClaren, Bonnie Mann, Maggie Roche

Formed in 1972 by Ilana Iguana, long time collaborator and vocalist with Ryo Kawasaki, this all female Yuletide chorus began as seven friends doing street gigs and parties. Nearly 25 years later, each member has become a veteran of the music business in her own right

The other Carllers are: the Roches - Meggie, Terry and Suzzy, the widely acclaimed rock trioand long time session vocalists Margareth Dorn, Bonnie Mann and Libby McClaren.

With annual apperances at Mew York's Town Hall and the Bottm Line, the group still performs its traditional free Christmas concert under the Washington Square arch each year. In 1987, it won them the New York Music Award for Best Streed Performance.

Their album Christmas Songs was an instant smash-hit which sold over 10,000 discs from it's initial release in Japan.

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