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A drummer at five, Clarence "Chip" Shelton's musical boyhood includes ukelele, Clarinet, saxophone and piano. A finely tuned ear impressed those around him so that he was afforded session time at some of the jazz clubs around Washington, DC, whre he was attending Howard University. He encountered John Coltrane and was so taken with his soprano sax sound that it was natural for later adaptation to Shelton's own vertical flute.

In addition to majoring in jazz flute at New York City's Manhattan School of Music, Shelton has honed his jazz chops privately with teachers such as Frank Foster, Jimmy Heath, Dr. Billy Taylor and Cecil Bridgewater. He has led groups such as the current one on "3 Flutes Up" and his World Flute Orchestra at east coast clubs. Shelton is requested and successful journeyman to many and varied including Ron Carter, Anthony Cox, Barry Harris, Donny Hathaway, Phylicia Rashad, Irene Reid, and Ernie Wilkins. He has aided the young Stephan Scott as well as the late veteran Earle Warren. And that's not the half of it.

That any group remains together four years is miracle enough. That a gathering of such diverse sidemen who have led groups and continue to appear with so many important artists is further proof not only of loyalty, but family.

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