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  • Guitar legends interviews & videos..

  • John Mclaughlin
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    John video 56K
    John's rare clips
    Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi video 56K
    Wes Montgomery
    Wes video1 56K
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    Paco De Lucia
    Paco Video 56K
    Paco video-AVI
    More jazz videos & excellent midi collections here!
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    Cool Site of The Week CDNOW

    "Cosmic Village"
    (Import item)
    Trinkets & Things
    Cosmic Village
    Monday Michiru
    Ryo Kawasaki
    Mondo Grosso

    Produced by
    Shuya Okino

    Quasar Infection
    Multimedia Demo
    Trinkets & Things

    Free Full Length VQF
    (near CD quality) Downloads from Ryo's
    classic Acid
    Jazz album
    "Mirror Of My Mind"!

    Download ! "Commodore 64 Emulator" and Run full working versions of Ryo's C64 Classic Music Programs "Kawasaki Syntheseizer", "Kawasaki Rhythm Rocker" and "Kawasaki Magical Musiquill" on your PC or Mac!

  • Discover the New Talent!

  • At the age of eighteen this year, Sofia Rubina is becoming as a very promising jazz vocalist.

    At Pitt-Inn
    Ryo's 1980 power trio video "Agana" is now remixed by using original digital stereo master audio track! CD quality audio can be obtained with broadband option. Crank it up on your stereo and enjoy! Ryo Kawasaki(Gt), Lincoln Goines(Bs), Buddy Williams(Drs). 7Min
    At Monreal Jazz Festival
    Ryo Kawasaki-Shinobu Itoh at Montréal Jazz Fest. July 2002. Length:60Min
    View Review here

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    * Viewing problem?
    Click here.

    On BET Jazz Central
    Ryo Kawasaki Group at BET Jazz Central. Victor Jones Dr,Lincoln Goines Bs, Ray Nacari KB. Length:45Min
    56K /Broadband
    Six New Videos! by Broadband.

    Download Free RealPlayer here..
    More videos are here..

    Jazz ballet -Still Point
    Jazz Ballet 'Still Point' in Estonia,
    Choreography by Russell Adamson, Music by Ryo Kawasaki. Feat.
    Eve Andre & Sergei Upkin. They also won best senior couple at June 2002/USA Inter-
    national Ballet Competition
    using 2nd segment of this show. Length:40Min
    56K /Broadband

    Ryo's 1976 classic fusion album "Juice" CD is now on sale!
    Feat.Tom Costa:Kybd(w/Santana), Sam Morrison:sax(w/Miles Davis)
    Clicke here to order now!

    Ryo's 1975-76 classic fusion albums "Eight Mile Road"
    and "Prism" are now available on CD! Get them now!
    Japanese review for "8 Mile Road"
    Japanese review for "Prism"

    Click here for more info/Japanese onlyLatest Release! Ryo Kawasaki / "E" ;Solo Acoustic Guitar
    Release Date : April 24,2002 in Japan first. (One Voice / VACV-1042)
    Cancion Del Mariachi, Thank You(Dido), Sandunguera, Killing Me Softly, Corcovado, Solitude, Michell, As, There must be an Angel, First Love,
    Love & Liberte plus three original songs.
    English Review-1English Review-2Japanese Review-1Japanese Review-2Japanese Review-3
    One minute Preview of each track
    Now Available..VACV-0010
    More info & photos
    Ryo Kawasaki Trio
    Live studio Trio
    Recording in Tallinn
    May-June 2000
    Toivo Unt(Bass)
    Aivar Vassiljev(Drums)

    Read reviews-->1, 2.
    Listen to this CD
    More info & photos
    More What Flutes 4
    Chip Shelton
    Live Recording in
    New Yrok, NY
    February 2000
    Ryo Kawasaki(Guitar)
    Roy Meriwether(Piano

    Read reviews-->1, 2.
    Listen to this CD
    More info & photos
    Are You Married...
    Miki Kono
    Live Studio Recording
    in New Yrok, NY
    October 2000
    Rufus Reid(Bass)
    Carl Allen(Drums)

    Read reviews-->1, 2.
    Listen to this CD just launched, visit his site!
    Click here to download full size poster(3MB) for Ryo's new CD REVAL. It's free!
    Ryo's trio in action
    at Winter Garden, Tallinn/Estonia May 30, 2001
    Click image to magnify.
    More info and Download MP3 audio samples!
    Cosmic Rhythm/Ryo Kawasaki
    Buy it now!
    Click for Japanese Info
    Interview with Ryo Kawasaki at in Japan(Japanese only)
    Latest U.S. releases!
    Go to 3 flutes up album page
    3 Flutes Up/Chip Shelton
    Buy it now!
    Ryo's New Group
    Live at Birdland/NY
    on July 14, 1999
    Entire 80 minutes show

    Click here to listen
    Guitarist Ryo Kawasaki climbs back out to the edge on Cosmic Rhythm(Satellites;59:29)...
    Continue to read reviews
    Clare Foster
    Clare Foster
    on Vocals
    Also, featuring..
    Dave Kikoski:
    Victor Jones :
    Lincoln Goines:
    Shunzo Ohno:
    Flugel Horn
    On Cosmic Rhythm
    Selecting a high-, medium-, or low-voiced flute for each selection, Clearance "Chip" Shelton changes timbres to suit the music...
    Continue to read reviews

    "3 Flutes Up" features..
    Chip Shelton:Leader/Flutes
    Ryo Kawasaki:Guitar
    Onaje Allen Gumbs:Piano
    Tom Mackenzie:Bass
    Greg Bufford:Drums
    Guilherme Franco:Percussion
    Everald Brown:Conga
    Mike Parr:Vocals
    Donald Smith:Piano/Vocals
    George Gray:Drums
    Produced by Kenny Mead

    Ryo's original music incorporates with recent Hot Hip-Hop releases!!
    Clip by Keith .M
    Clip by Puffy
    Track from Ryo's 1976 RCA release "Juice" has gotten popular and being used for the recent releases by hot hip-hop artists such as Zomba/Jive recording artist Keith Murray(Jan/1999 release "It's a Beautiful Thing")(Aug/1999 release "Forever") for Arista/Bad Boy Ent recording artist Puff Daddy
    Ryo & DJ/composer.Tõnis performing together in Tartu. Dec 13, 2003
    Listen to full length clips from this guitar-DJ live duo.(128k)

    Live1 Live2 Live3 Live4 Live5 SoundCheck
    After the Jan 28, 2001 official premiere show, ballet dancers and musicians at Estonian National opera House Back Stage having a party

    after the show
    Photo by Pirje

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    New Release by Ryo!
    Ryo's 2007/02/23 New release 'Agana!'

    Buy it now at! Visit Art of Trio page!
    Check out Ryo's new group 'Art of Trio!'

    * Brand new Videos!
    Live Duo:Yoshio Chin Suzuki & Ryo Kawasaki in Kuroiso/Tochigi/Japan June 14, 2004 48Min
    Part-2:Chin & Ryo plays "Freedom Jazz Dance" 10Min

    Ryo with the greatest drummer, the late Elvin Jones__1978, Pat Labarbara:sax
    David Williams:bass
    Multimedia Demo
    Ryo's brand new online Tutorial / Workshop
    about Composing
    (Writing Original Music)
    Limited time for free
    New Interview
    Ryo's brand new online Interview at Polish
    Uncover site talikng
    about C64 and his music. Both in English & Polish.
    Interview with Ryo Kawasaki at in Japan(Japanese only)
    Origin of Whole
    Ryo's short essay
    about Time &
    Time Travel in
    different languages!
    Brand new Ryo's
    short video clips
    Oct 25, 2003



    Hot item!
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    Stereo clip
    Live Interview
    MP3 Clip
    View Reviews
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    Click on for more info
    Sophisticated Lady
    Enjoy Crystal Clear
    voice of Kimiko Itoh!

    Buy it now!

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    CD Universe
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    Ryo-1967 in Tokyo

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    Ryo-1952 in Tokyo

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    Ryo with Gil Evans, 1984 Sweet Baisil/NY

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    Ryo with Elvin Jones, 1977 South America

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    Ryo's guitar synthesizer in his loft in Manhattan 1982

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