Problems Playing Broadband Videos?

For the best quality we recommend using either the Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. Click on either button below to download the latest version.


For technical help with any Windows Media product or general customer service needs and questions, please visit Windows Media Support.

For technical help with any Real Player product or general customer service needs and questions, please visit RealNetworks Support.

If you are experiencing a "slide show" picture, constant rebuffering or the audio/video does not start, you may need to adjust your Windows Media settings or Real Player settings for optimal performance. Please click here to learn how.

For technical help with the Macintosh player please click here and to download the Macintosh friendly version of the Real Player or Unix version, please click here.

Why are we using Real player for the Broadband Streaming?


We have tried to encode these broadband videos for both Media player and Real player, however, encoding scheme by Real producer seems to maintain accurate sync between video and audio after being encoded/compressed, and it is important for us to deliver the video with perfect audio sync for this type of music so that audience could have meaningful and enjoyable experience by watching these videos. Our sense can easily detect 16ms delay between visual and audio and media player failed to deliver such result in 250K encoding scheme while real producer delivered consistent results.

Slide show or video will not start using Windows XP/2000 and Real One

If you are using the Real One Player and your operating system (OS) is either Windows XP or Windows 2000, you may experience a "slide show" picture, constant rebuffering or the audio/video does not start. We recommend that you click here and download the FREE version of the Real Player 8.

I have AOL and cannot view movies correctly

The best thing to do is to try not to use the AOL browser. Sign on and then minimize AOL and launch Internet Explorer from the desktop.

Why do I get an "invalid meta file" message?

In order to watch MovieFlix movies using the RealOne Player, it's important that your RealOne Player is enabled to accept all cookies. Please follow the simple instructions below to learn how to enable your RealOne Player to accept cookies.

*Open your RealOne Player application.

*From the top menu bar, click on Tools, then click on Preferences.

*Double click Connection, then, select Internet settings (located below Connection).  Then make sure the Enable Cookies box is checked.

*Click on the OK button to confirm your selection.

Firewall's and Pop-Up stoppers

It is important that you are not behind a firewall and that you are not running any type of pop up stopper program. Being behind a firewall or running a pop-up stopper program may prevent you from watching MovieFlix movies. To learn more about configuring your Real Player to work behind a firewall please click here.