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Satellites Radio features 2 hours of audio program which includes various tracks from our current catalog as well as unpublished clips from live concerts and radio interviews with our artists.

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This month's program is featuring the following clips.

  • Ryo Kawasaki "Sweet Life"
    ----Live at BET Jazz Central Show
  • Kimiko Itoh & Ozone Makoto
    ----Live at Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Ryo Kawasaki "Promise"
    ----From the album "Sweet Life"
  • Victor Jones C.A.F.E Trio "Blue Times"
    ----Live at Bradley's New York City
  • On Sale
  • Camila Benson "So Nice"
    ----From the album "Desafinado"
  • Richard Tee "Take the A train"
    ----From the album "Real Time"
  • Ryo Kawasaki Radio Interview
    ----With Ken Spider Web on "Jazz from the City"
  • East Bounce "Somewhere I Never Travelled"
    ----From the Album "East Bounce"
  • Kimiko Itoh "Sophisticated Lady"
    ----From the album "Sophisticated Lady"
  • Ryo Kawasaki "Night And Day"
    ----From the album "Love Within The Universe"
  • Camila Benson "A Girl From Ipanema"
    ----From the album "Wave"
  • Victor Jones C.A.F.E Trio "Love For Sale"
    ----Live at Bradely's New York City
  • Kimiko Itoh "Hurricane Country"
    ----From the album "Standards My Way"
  • Camila Benson "Corcovado"
    ---From the album "Memories"
  • Miki Kono "Mind Control"
    ---From the album "For My Mother"
  • Victor Jones "Super Stars"
    ---From the album "Visible Sound Groove"
  • Ryo Kawasaki "Scandalous"
    ----From the album "Love Within The Universe"
  • Kimiko Itoh "This Masquerade"
    ----From the album "Standards My Way"
  • Ryo Kawasaki "Trinkets And Things"
    ----From the album "Mirror Of My Mind"
  • Ryo Kawasaki "Will We Meet Again"
    ----Live at BET Jazz Central Show

    Produced & Created by Ryo Kawasaki
    Copyright 1997-2004, NY, Satellites Records